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Hi there.

I am Adalyn --- a maker, a dreamer, an unprofessional dancer, and a food lover. After 6 years of study in design and 3 years of working on real products, I'm obsessed with the process of design and solving problems for people. I enjoy finding simple solutions to painfully complicated interactions. I’m always excited about the process of deriving user needs from research, navigating through complex problems, balancing constraints and requirements to create meaningful user experiences. ​Not every problem has a perfect solution but I make sure every design detail has been thought about and is backed up by good reasons.​ 


Design is a team sport so I put people at the center. Not only do I try to understand my users, but I also emphasize with people I work with. Although I came from a design background, I've learned to speak the engineer's language, to respect the needs and interests of team members while balancing priorities. ​

When I'm not designing, you can find me watching comedies🎭, reading mystery novels🔍, exploring the wild🐻, finding new ways to burn my kitchen 👩🏻‍🍳, and jazzing with music🕺.

Please don't hesitate to each out to me via Email or connect with me on LinkedIn💜


(From a designer's intuition, probably 95% people write something like this in their bio probably no one reading it actually sends that email. I just want to say: I'm a super approachable (and funny🤫) person, and you won't know unless you speak to me. And a fun topic would be us talking about how I can get more people to actually reach out. I love meeting new people and talking about anything design!)

Things I love

to do, talk about, and share with you
Robinson Crusoe

I've always been quite a bookworm growing up. The stories and adventures of courageous and witty characters fascinate me. My childhood favorite was a story about an adventurous man who said "no" to a life of financial security pursued his dream of sailing the ocean. It gave me the courage to follow my heart and do more with less.


I love the Holidays, and festive activities. COVID can't stop me from celebrating traditions - ask me about zombie paint ball and pumpkin pickin' last fall!


I enjoy observing social interactions of human and animals. There's something about observing friends at the zoo - their playfulness, sense of community and family interactions are extremely amusing to me. Are they posing for the photo? Because it sure looks like it🤔


Storyboards-Not only do they make me and stakeholders smile, but help us resonate user's frustration in the moment. Time after time, it helped us agree on what would make the users smile.


My grandfather taught me how to climb challenging trees when I was a kid, and now I teach him how to feed birds🙈


Ah, I admit I'm a huge foodie! 😋When people ask me what wakes me up in the morning (looking for the answer "my dream"), but the honest answer is my growling stomach craving french toast. When I'm full, it's all about my mission in life:)


Collaboration and lively discussions make my everyday work fulfilling and something I look forward to when I wake up. I'm not exaggerating when I tell people I'll design until I'm 80.


One of my favorite things to do in the city is visiting art museums and institutions, but also walking into murals and street art.


Find out what it's like horse riding in Jurassic Park🙈

Museum of the City of New York

I love exploring where technology meets other discipline - in this case, a playful way of using storytelling to engage visitors in learning about the people who built New York.

Iconic Kiss (Berlin Wall)

Both as a New Media Artist and UX Designer, I embrace diversity and controversies. I'm happy when I'm being challenged or doubted because it helps open up difficult and under-communicated dialogues.

A squirrel seen at Central Park

When not working, I enjoy the small things in life. Crossing eyes with this little fellow at Central Park and a little sunshine took away all my fatigue that day, any day☀️

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